Returning to the Netherlands

I am excited to be returning to the Netherlands from July 1-17 with Portland State University. I previously traveled to Denmark and the Netherlands for three weeks during the summer of 2012 with the University of Oregon.

University of Oregon Group Ride in the Netherlands

University of Oregon Group Ride in the Netherlands

As I discussed in my first blog post, the Walk Score of my home in Kannapolis, NC is zero so I was forced to be in an automobile for all my trips. This is a major reason why I am so passionate about helping communities provide transportation choices. I desire to see communities where people aren’t forced to depend on an automobile for all their trips like I was forced to do growing up. Since I am still learning how to help communities provide transportation choices, I look forward to learning again from the Netherlands about how it has been successful in creating communities with transportation choices.

Learning about the transportation infrastructure isn’t my only goal with this trip. The course requires a design project. Since my design skills are weak, I am hoping to learn design software so I can be more involved with the completion of the design project. I was involved with multiple group projects during my first year in the Master of Urban and Regional Planning (MURP) program that I was unable to fully assist with because I lacked the necessary design skills. I hope to improve my design skills enough this summer so I will be fully prepared to assist my team with our planning workshop project, which starts in the winter quarter.

I will be blogging throughout my study abroad trip so expect to see another blog post soon.


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