Minneapolis at Eye Level

“Minneapolis at Eye Level” is a reference to “The City at Eye Level”. While I have had a layover in Minneapolis before, I was able to exit the airport during this trip. I have been catching up with Stephan and his family. Since Stephan has not biked recently, I was impressed that he was able to keep up with me as we used Nice Ride Minnesota (bikeshare) to bike from the Bakken Museum around Bde Maka Ska (formerly Lake Calhoun) and along the Midtown Greenway. We planned to bike to Downtown Minneapolis but ended up not having enough time. While we did not make it to Downtown Minneapolis, we were impressed by Urban Ventures, 29th Street shared street, and the George Floyd memorial.

29th Street Shared Street

We did not realize the 29th Street shared street existed but we are glad we came across it when we exited the Midtown Greenway to find a Nice Ride Minnesota station. In addition to having a shared street, we were also impressed with the artwork.

George Floyd Memorial

Visiting the George Floyd Memorial was a powerful experience. Since I doubt the existing memorial will last through Minneapolis’ harsh winter, I hope Minneapolis creates a permanent memorial.

One-Way Trail Caused Difficulty for Transportation

We encountered difficulty biking back to the Bakken Museum along the one-way trail around Bde Maka Ska (formally Lake Calhoun) after biking along the Midtown Greenway. Since we could not find a parallel bike route, we biked the wrong way along the one-way trail. Several cyclists told us that we were going the wrong way but did not tell us where to find a correct bike route. I told Stephan that I believe the trail around Bde Maka Ska was made for recreational cyclists that wanted to bike the whole way around the lake. The trail was not made for transportation cyclists that wanted to bike from the Midtown Greenway to the Bakken Museum.

Future Blog Post

Stephan and I are about to head to Minneapolis again today to bike from Minnehaha Falls to Downtown Minneapolis along the Mississippi River. Since I fly back to Portland tomorrow, I likely will publish my next blog post when I return to Portland.